32 Use-Cases To Use The ChatSonic Chrome Extension With ChatGPT Powers Like A Pro

ChatGPT is an incredible tool that simplifies your tasks and streamlines your workflow. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you constantly have numerous tabs open on your browser throughout the day, switching between ChatGPT and your working document can become challenging.

The frequent tab switching can lead to confusion and manual errors when copying and pasting, which can be quite frustrating. Wouldn't it be ideal if there was an AI tool that seamlessly appeared on your screen, regardless of which website you were working on?

Imagine the benefits of having a productive and stress-free work day 

Well, with the Chrome Extension, this magic becomes possible on any site you open in your browser.

Despite the widespread acceptance of ChatGPT worldwide, it currently lacks a chrome extension, and there have been no mentions of one from OpenAI so far.

On the other hand, ChatSonic has stepped in and developed the ChatSonic Chrome Extension, powered by ChatGPT and equipped with additional features to make your life easier and more magical. This extension can be utilized anywhere on the web, requiring nothing more than an internet connection and a Writesonic account.

ChatSonic's Chrome Extension is effortless to install, enabling time-saving benefits while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

But how does it achieve this?

  • The ChatSonic Chrome Extension provides rapid responses to your Google Search Queries, presenting them within seconds.
  • No longer will you be idly gazing at a vacant email. Utilize ChatSonic, brilliantly backed by ChatGPT for Gmail, to compose captivating emails swiftly.
  • By tailoring the extension's settings to your preferences, you have full control over when and how it assists you.

In order to optimize your time management and overall productivity, we have compiled a selection of practical use cases for implementing the ChatSonic Chrome Extension.

How to utilize the ChatSonic Chrome Extension with the added capabilities of ChatGPT?

For a comprehensive understanding of the various use cases for the ChatSonic Chrome Extension, it is essential to first become familiar with the installation and utilization process.

1. To commence, navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store for extensions and conduct a search for 'ChatSonic.'

2. Proceed to download and install 'ChatSonic - ChatGPT with superpowers' and conveniently pin it to the URL bar.

3. By clicking on the ChatSonic icon within the URL bar, you can easily sign in to your existing Writesonic account.

4. Given its versatile nature, the ChatSonic chrome extension allows you to manage its settings by selecting the triggers for when it should provide answers.

The ChatSonic chrome extension itself is a potent tool and can be employed to accomplish the following:

Navigate the web while receiving concise answers that summarize your Google searches, available alongside the search results.

What if you desire to find particular information on a specific webpage, such as the most recent AI advancements on Wikipedia? Simply inquire with ChatSonic, and it will undertake the investigation for you!

However, that's not all! ChatSonic's capabilities extend beyond web page searches. It can also pinpoint precise moments in YouTube videos according to your inquiries.

Impressive, isn't it?

Approximately 28% of working hours are consumed by emails. The ChatSonic chrome extension aims to preserve these valuable work hours by aiding users in composing, replying, and summarizing emails with a simple click of a button.

Boost your online presence and expand your social media following by actively creating valuable content and engaging with your audience on popular platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

To enhance your interactions and outreach efforts, ChatSonic has now been equipped with Kula-like capabilities. This powerful tool allows you to efficiently respond to direct messages (DMs) and effectively plan strategic outreach campaigns.

When using the ChatSonic chrome extension, you can effortlessly find a prospect's email address and swiftly craft compelling InMail messages. This streamlined process ensures that you can engage with potential leads in a timely manner.

However, it is crucial to optimize your LinkedIn profile to maximize the impact of your content creation and engagement efforts. Fortunately, the ChatSonic chrome extension is here to assist you in crafting impressive bios and highlighting your achievements within minutes.

For easy access to ChatSonic and other online resources, you can utilize the convenient Chrome shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + M. This allows you to seamlessly navigate the web while simultaneously leveraging the capabilities offered by ChatSonic, much like the ChatGPT chrome extension.

Remember, by utilizing ChatSonic and adopting a professional approach to content creation and engagement, you can effectively boost your following and establish a strong online presence.

In addition to Gmail, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the ChatSonic chrome extension has broadened its application with the integration of new platforms such as Google Ads for ad copy, Facebook and Instagram for captions, comments, and DMs, as well as Telegram and WhatsappWeb.

Furthermore, users can now benefit from the functionality of the ChatSonic chrome extension on alternative browsers like Opera, Edge, and Firefox. Let us delve into the ways in which you can utilize this ChatGPT-powered chrome extension.

32 Use Cases for ChatSonic ChatGPT Chrome Extension

The vast array of possibilities for utilizing the ChatSonic chrome extension, in conjunction with ChatGPT online functionalities, in everyday situations is virtually boundless. Now, let's delve straight into the topic and examine the following 32 use cases where the ChatSonic tool, akin to ChatGPT, excels.

Instant Writing Assistance

1. ‘Professional summary’ on your resume: Interviewers spend only 6 seconds reading your resume, and the first thing they look at is ‘Professional Summary.’ We know it is a struggle to put years of experience into a couple of lines.

Let’s push away the struggle with the ChatSonic chrome extension on your resume and write an impressive professional summary.

2. Rewriting to change tone: Like one glove does not fit all hands, the same goes for writing tone. Sometimes you need to be formal for professional writing, and other times you need to bring the sass for a loud clothing brand's marketing copy. And if you're giving a TEDx talk, you want to keep it conversational.


Now you have the perfect ad copy ready for your social media campaign.

3. Writing a joke in a WhatsApp group: Jokes are a great way to engage with your friends and family and can provide a much-needed break from the everyday stress of life. Liven up your WhatsApp groups with silly puns or classic one-liners.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to do it yourself. The ChatSonic chrome extension can assist you on WhatsApp as well.

Sounds exciting?

You can also specify what kind of jokes (like valentine's day jokes, vacation jokes, etc.) These jokes can be a show starter and lead to some funny conversation

Play with ChatSonic with our extensive range of 150+ ChatGPT prompts.

Content Generation

If you are in the content creation space and looking to create content at scale, then the ChatSonic chrome extension is the perfect pick.

4. Outline for a Blog post: With so many blog posts to assign to multiple writers, creating outlines for each one is monotonous and daunting. Without thinking twice, use ChatSonic Chrome Extension and create blog outlines on Google Docs directly.

5. Ad copy: Want to tweak your ad copy to A/B test your campaigns quickly? Relieve yourself from writing the same copy differently and use ChatSonic Chrome Extension. The best part is that you can create these copy variations on the ad campaign page without switching tabs.

6. Introduction and Conclusions: Constantly writing daily can get tough, and you may need help to come up with eye-catching intros and convincing conclusions. No worries, though. This is normal for writers. Just take a break to clear your head. But if you're on the go and need some help, use the ChatSonic Chrome Extension - it can assist you with crafting intro and conclusions for your blog in no time!

Check more prompts for ChatGPT marketing prompts and ChatGPT SEO prompts.

Formatting Assistance

7. Choosing the right font: Fonts can greatly impact your text's visual appeal and legibility. It can set the mood and tone of your content and make it more attractive to your intended audience. A well-chosen font can help you effectively communicate your message and make a strong impression on your audience.

Using the chrome extension, you can ask ChatSonic for the right font for your content.

8. Specifying headings and subheadings: These serve as a roadmap for readers and help to break up long paragraphs into skimmable information. Headings and subheadings also emphasize the main points, structure, and theme of your content.

ChatSonic can help you break your blog post idea into meaningful sections and add it to the draft document.

9. Formatting guidelines: They ensure consistency and clarity in content so that it is easy for readers to understand and follow. These guidelines can include rules for font type and size, spacing, margins, headings, subheadings, and the overall appearance of the content.

While Universities have guidelines for academic papers, dictating font, margins, page numbers, headings, and reference lists, businesses set guidelines for formatting reports and presentations, emphasizing consistent colors, graphics, and charts.

ChatSonic can help you with the right formatting guidelines based on the content type.

Research Assistance

10. Find the best sources: The sources for research differ based on the content type again. If you are writing a blog post for a commercial software product, you might want to look at the competitors, top-ranking blogs, authority blogs, etc. The research sources are more specific if are writing a research paper like Google Scholar, PubMed, etc.

But Google Scholar is huge and ChatSonic chrome extension can help you.

11. Look for statistics with references: Are you writing a blog post and want to back it up with data? Finding the right statistic to complement your content can be overwhelming and not the best use of your time.

You can input the kind of statistic you are looking for on Google browser, and there you have it.

12. Summarize long paragraphs: Research can be time-consuming, especially if you are new to the topic and have a lot to learn. But there is a solution to speed it up by asking ChatSonic chrome extension to summarize long blogs and research papers. You can also instantly ask ChatSonic about new concepts to learn faster.

Explore ChatSonic with these 110 ChatGPT examples.

Google search assistance

Are you a curious person who uses Google search extensively to know about anything new you come across? Our Chrome Extension can save you the hassle of going through multiple web links and present you with an answer to your search in seconds.

13. Try viral recipes: Do you remember the hype dalgona coffee created during the COVID lockdown? Everyone wanted to know what it was. Let’s use our chrome extension to know more about ‘Dalgona Coffee ☕’

It responded along with the recipe of Dalgona. It saved you from wasting your time scouring the long Wikipedia page.

14. Learn new words: Do you tend to use the same words while communicating with others? Improve your vocabulary by learning synonyms, antonyms, and idioms at your fingertips.

15. Know what’s trending in the world: Who doesn’t want to be updated in this fast pacing world? But you are also moving fast with the world and have no time to sit and catch up on the trending news. You can get everything in a jiffy from technology news to world trade with ChatSonic Chrome Extension.

Spelling and Grammar Correction

16. Correcting punctuation: The new rule of writing is ‘Write as you speak.’ When you concentrate on making the content more conversational, there are chances to commit punctuation mistakes.

AI language models like ChatGPT and ChatSonic can be used to correct these mistakes in no time. Especially the ChatSonic chrome extension can instantly correct this on the draft without using additional grammar-checking tools.

17. Checking for homophones:  Homophones are often misused by using one word for another. Like, accept vs except, whole vs hole, affect vs effect, etc. Even though they sound similar, they make a huge difference in terms of meaning.

The AI chrome extension - ChatSonic can help you identify these homophones based on the context and rewrite the text.

18. Verifying for Capitalization: To write effective and easily understandable content, capitalization is crucial. It helps in clarifying the meaning of sentences. As humans, it is difficult to check Capitalization for every word written and is also prone to errors.

The ChatGPT alternative - ChatSonic can easily identify and correct the capitalization with the help of its chrome extension.

19. Checking for Typos: When you write long content, it is common to miss a preposition in between or make a spelling mistake. It is hard to notice and easy to miss.  But ChatGPT with superpowers - ChatSonic chrome extension can identify these typos and rectify them instantly.

20. Improving sentence structure: Content can be engaging when it has the right structure and is easy to read. To improve sentence structure, the writer should consider a lot of things like using the right verbs, active voice, and writing short sentences.

You can leave all the sentence structuring to the ChatSonic chrome extension and focus on writing.

Proofreading Assistance

21. Maintaining consistency: If you are a company building your brand with content, it is important to maintain consistency with the tone, writing style, formatting, and branding elements. Manually proofreading for consistency can eat up a lot of your time. Instead, try ChatSonic chrome extension to adjust the writing and maintain it throughout.

22. Eliminating repetitive phrases or words: Words like ‘very’, ‘really’, ‘that’, ‘just’ and many more are used repetitively while writing long-form content. Because it is the way we talk. AI can help you replace these repetitive words with better word choices.

ChatSonic chrome extension can make it even easier by eliminating repetitive words anywhere on the web.

Marketing Automation

23. Find new keywords: When you were going through the LinkedIn feed or Google SERP, you found inspiration for new topics to write on. But you forget to take note of it, and the idea is lost forever.

Instead, if you use the ChatSonic chrome extension, you can use it to capture new topic ideas instantly when you find inspiration. You can download these keyword topics from the ChatSonic conversations and refer to them later.

24. Understand the search intent of a keyword: You found a really good keyword and are unsure how to rank for it. Search intent plays a huge role in ranking for a keyword but to find the search intent you need to go through each blog of the Google SERP.

Alternatively, why not take help from ChatSonic using its chrome extension and understand the search intent of the keyword faster and better?

25. Instantly reply to social media comments: To have a good social media presence, creating content 5X a week is not enough. You should also actively reply to comments on your posts and other trending posts. Spending time on each reply can cost you a lot of time. You can just select the text you want to comment on and click Ctrl/ Cmd + M.

The ChatSonic chrome extension with generate the reply for you on social media.

Send instant emails

26. Write a client email: You are a busy management consultant who spends most of your hours researching business problems, writing emails, reports, and finding solutions.

Our chrome extension can write an impressive email to your client in seconds. All you need to do is install the chrome extension and ‘Cmd/ Ctrl + M’ to enable it.

27. Reply to a job offer: The feeling when you land your dream job after spending a lot of time in job search is ineffable. Put your excitement and energy to join the new company in words at once with the help of ChatSonic chrome extension.

28. Write cold emails: Cold email outreach might be boring, but the most effective way to find high-paying clients. The key is to write an email that is persuasive and not salesy.

Always start by talking about a win the prospect recently had, followed by a problem you identified, and end by presenting yourself as an expert to solve the problem.

Input the above details and generate 100s of customized cold emails on ChatSonic in minutes.

Publish social media posts

29. Convert case studies to LinkedIn posts: Case Studies are the way to go. Especially on platforms like LinkedIn, writing these case studies as short stories or sharing learnings can do wonders. And it's easy to do with ChatSonic chrome extension.

Go to LinkedIn and press ‘Ctrl/Cmd + M.’ Give details about the case study in your own words or just paste a link.

Bingo! Post it on LinkedIn and share it with people who might find it useful.

30. Tweet about a trending topic on Twitter: Google’s Bard has become the new buzz in the AI world. Likewise, there are so many trending topics to tweet about. Researching these topics manually is the way of stone age people. Using ChatSonic chrome extensions to write tweets is the way to go.

Customer Support

31. Answer customer queries instantly: Customers love faster responses when they reach out to customer support. Customer service agents can quickly use ChatSonic chrome extension to address the general queries of the customer (like troubleshooting an error code).

Additionally, businesses can integrate ChatSonic with their customer service tool using our API and improve the customer service experience.

32. Moderate the tone of the responses: Customer service representatives deal with customer inquiries daily, and maintaining a positive tone in communication can sometimes be challenging.

Using the ChatSonic chrome extension, customer service agents can rephrase their responses more congenially.

Writing perfect prompts can play a huge role in receiving relevant responses. Explore our comprehensive guide now!

You can also compare ChatSonic with other chatGPT chrome extensions and choose wisely.


If ChatGPT gave you a productivity boost with its limitations, the ChatSonic chrome extension will only skyrocket your efficiency. You can complete a task in a single tab without switching to another tab. This extension has got everything from simple writing tasks to customer support. And the best part? All you need is a chrome browser and a Writesonic account to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does ChatGPT down or at capacity mean?

In November 2022, ChatGPT made a huge splash when it launched, gaining one million users in just five days. The userbase has been steadily increasing ever since, but the success of the platform has put a strain on the OpenAI servers, leading to the platform crashing. Unfortunately, when the platform goes down, it is completely unavailable to users, while when it reaches capacity, it is unable to handle any more users.

2. How to use ChatGPT chrome extension?

ChatGPT does not have a chrome extension as of now. But the ChatGPT alternative - ChatSonic developed a chrome extension that is easy to use. To start using ChatSonic chrome extension, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Chrome web extensions store and search for ‘Chatsonic’
  • Install the chrome extension ‘ChatSonic - ChatGPT with superpowers’ by clicking on ‘Add to chrome’ button
  • Pin the extension to the URL bar and sign in to your Writesonic account

3. How to use ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT you must go to their webpage. Before using ChatGPT online you need to have an account with OpenAI. Either choose to register or log in with your Google or Microsoft account. It includes a text box for users to type inquiries and an area for the results to show You must input your text prompt and you will receive the information you need.

Explore different chatGPT use cases to learn more about how you can make the most out of ChatGPT online.

ChatGPT can be used to for job search, financial planning, content creation creating AI images, and make money.

4. What is ChatSonic?

ChatSonic is a cutting-edge AI conversation assistant that takes OpenAI's ChatGPT to the next level. Leveraging the latest GPT-3.5 model, this advanced chatbot is powered by cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technology, allowing it to rapidly generate high-quality text and images.

It also comes with a chrome extension, a mobile app and API to connect with other applications.

5. What are the limitations of ChatGPT?

Even though, ChatGPT has gained huge popularity is less time, it comes with certain limitations.

  • As ChatGPT was trained on a massive database with information only up till 2021, it cannot generate real-time and factual responses.
  • ChatGPT is down or at capacity most of the time as it OpenAI servers are overwhelmed with the traffic.
  • ChatGPT is purely a text generation language model and cannot generate AI images.

6. What is ChatGPT Plus?

To combat the above limitations, OpenAI released a premium version of ChatGPT called ChatGPT Plus. With ChatGPT Plus subscription, you will have

  • General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times
  • Faster response rates
  • Priority access to new features and improvements like GPT-4 in 2023

For more details, refer to our comparison guide - ChatGPT Plus vs ChatSonic.

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