How to use OpenAI's GPT-3 to write business emails

Now it's time to configure the appearance of your draft emails. Ensure that you retrieve the customer's email address (the original sender) by clicking inside the To field and selecting the From Email address from the provided dropdown menu. This will allow you to easily send your draft email directly back to the customer after choosing your desired content.

Now it's time to configure the appearance of your draft emails. Begin by clicking in the To field and selecting the customer's email address (the original sender) from the dropdown menu labeled From Email address. This ensures that you can easily send your draft email back to the customer once you've made your content selection.

You also have the option to choose recipients for cc or bcc on these emails.


In the subject line, you can incorporate data from the original email received from your customer. Additionally, you can personalize the sender's name in the From Name field.

Once you are ready, you can import your GPT-3 results by clicking in the Body field and selecting Choices Text from the data dropdown.


Furthermore, you have the option to include a default signature with the email, add these drafts to a label or mailbox, and attach files, if necessary.

Once you have finished customizing these fields, click Continue.

Now it's time to test your action. Click Test action. Zapier will create a draft email with your three content choices.

OpenAI_Gmail_test_example_AI_tutorial_image (1).png

After reviewing the draft email created by your Zap, your Zap is ready to be used. If anything appears incorrect, go back and make adjustments until it meets your requirements.

The Zap will now generate your business emails and save them as drafts in just a matter of seconds. Here's what our example looks like:

OpenAI_prompt_result_in_Gmail_AI_tutorial_image (1).png

Utilizing OpenAI for email composition

From now on, whenever a customer or lead sends you an email, this Zap will generate three choices for you and add them to your Gmail drafts folder. Simply review the options, select your preferred one, make any necessary adjustments, and send it back to your client.

You no longer have to worry about phrasing or maintaining professionalism, as your GPT-3 prompt will handle it for you, resulting in faster response times.

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