Newegg’s new ChatGPT-based PC builder needs a lot of work

Newegg recently launched a beta version of an AI-powered custom PC builder. It's important to emphasize that this is still in the beta stage. Nonetheless, the overall concept is a brilliant application of AI, at least in theory.

This new tool has the potential to be extremely valuable for first-time buyers and builders who often struggle with selecting the right components and dealing with compatibility concerns.

However, after some initial usage, it has become apparent that the application is currently not as useful as initially anticipated. In fact, it falls short of the insights provided by a simple Google search or engaging in discussions on Reddit.

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We are unsure about the exact limitations of the tool, aside from its training data. Nevertheless, we were surprised to see it struggle with what we considered to be basic queries.

Interestingly, the AI custom builder actually recommended a better gaming PC for CSGO than it did for playing Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K resolution with Ray Tracing enabled.

We initially thought that maybe the tool was having difficulties with the syntax of the questions or was getting confused. To test this, we attempted to simplify the queries.


While the tool performed slightly better on the simplified queries, we anticipate that some customers may still end up frustrated with their purchases over time.

When we first discovered Newegg's AI custom PC builder, we were filled with excitement, as it seemed like a potential rival to PCPartPicker. However, it appears that the depth of the AI's knowledge is somewhat limited.

Furthermore, the AI seems to have certain limitations in understanding components and recommending the best ones for specific tasks. Given the complexity of the latest generation of hardware, it's understandable that the AI may struggle to keep up at this point.

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