More powerful than ChatGPT': Microsoft unveils new AI-improved Bing and Edge browser


The ChatGPT, launched less than three months ago, is already driving significant changes at major tech companies. Microsoft recently unveiled an upgraded version of the Bing search engine, powered by a next-generation OpenAI large language model. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, this makes it "more powerful than ChatGPT." Additionally, Microsoft introduced an enhanced version of the Edge web browser, featuring AI-based functionalities.

"AI will revolutionize every software category, starting with the largest category of all, search," said Satya Nadella.

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This next-generation large language model (LLM) used by Bing is specifically tailored for search purposes, providing improved speed, accuracy, and capabilities compared to both ChatGPT and GPT-3.5, the LLM behind ChatGPT.

Implementing this new AI technology into Bing has resulted in the search ranking engine experiencing its "most significant leap in relevance" in the last twenty years, according to Microsoft.

Furthermore, Microsoft has developed its own proprietary model called "Prometheus," enabling Bing to leverage the LLM in a manner that produces more relevant, timely, and targeted search results, with an added focus on safety.

Alongside these developments, the updated Edge browser now includes two new features: chat and compose. The chat function allows users to ask follow-up questions, such as requesting a summary of a lengthy financial report and then comparing it to another company's financials. Additionally, Edge assists in content composition, providing prompts for tasks like drafting a LinkedIn post.

This news from Microsoft follows Google's recent unveiling of Bard, its own experimental AI chat service designed to rival ChatGPT. OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, have also introduced a premium version of the chatbot known as ChatGPT Plus. As ChatGPT continues to gain popularity, these developments were a logical progression. Built upon GPT-3, OpenAI's family of large language models, ChatGPT offers a wide range of applications for individuals seeking assistance in generating or searching for language-based information.

Acknowledging the transformative potential on the horizon, Microsoft has been collaborating with OpenAI for several years. Last month, Microsoft confirmed a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, in addition to its $1 billion investment in 2019. As part of the initial agreement, OpenAI committed to building its AI models on Microsoft Azure.

Furthermore, Microsoft recently announced the general availability of its Azure OpenAI Service, offering more businesses the opportunity to utilize OpenAI's Azure-hosted and trained large language models (LLMs), including GPT-3.5. Additionally, Microsoft's Power BI is utilizing GPT-3 to generate formulas and expressions.

Microsoft's substantial investment in OpenAI's technology is driven by its belief that it has the potential to transform core web tools, such as search engines, by providing answers to complex questions beyond the scope of current search capabilities. With the ability to summarize information and deliver interactive chat experiences, search engines powered by these new LLMs aim to provide users with precisely what they are seeking.

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