How to create an AI writing coach with GPT-3 and Zapier

In the action step, you can also specify the maximum length of OpenAI tokens to be used in the response.

In the action step, you can also specify the Maximum Length of OpenAI tokens to be used in the response.


OpenAI employs tokens to determine the length of the output. If you have a paid plan, you will be billed based on the number of tokens you use. To obtain a more concise response from your AI writing coach or reduce the number of OpenAI tokens consumed, input a lower value.

Step 4: Configure the final action to display the results

The response from OpenAI will be generated in Zapier. Your final step involves displaying the results somewhere for your review.

Consider your preferred learning style and how you would like to store and review the information in the future.

  • Would you like all the original prompts and responses gathered in a tool like Notion, allowing you to add your own notes?
  • Would you prefer to receive an email with the response?
  • Do you want to keep the responses along with the original prompts in a GSheet?

Furthermore, you can even send yourself a Slack message. The possibilities are endless, and you can create multiple action steps with your OpenAI results.

For this example, we will create a Notion page containing the original prompt and the OpenAI response.

To set up this action step, follow these instructions:

  1. Choose Notion as the action app.
  2. Select Create Page (or Create Database Item) as the action event.

3. In the Content field, include the data from your previous steps. This should consist of your writing sample from the form step and the feedback from the OpenAI action step.


You can even incorporate the form date as part of the page Title (use Zapier Formatting step if necessary to improve the appearance of the form's date output).

Once this step is complete, you can review the page you've created in Notion.


You have the freedom to make notes or add tags to your output. Therefore, the chosen output format should align with your preferences, such as organizing feedback in Notion or categorizing it in a GSheet.

Alternatively, you could simply send yourself an email with the OpenAI results, read and absorb the feedback, and then archive it.

Review your results and refine your prompts

As you evaluate the feedback (keeping in mind that it's from a robot and not a human editor), you can gradually modify your writing samples over time. You might even adjust your initial sample later on the same day or a week later and try again, reviewing the new feedback from your AI writing coach.

Once you feel confident in a particular skill, you can tweak the prompts and types of feedback in your form if you wish to work on something else.

Alternatively, you may have "graduated" from the AI coaching experience, satisfied with the progress you've made in your writing.

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