ChatGPT is the most sought out tech skill in the workforce, says learning platform


When I first started crafting my resume, I constantly received advice that listing Microsoft Office as a skill was essential. However, a recent study suggests that job seekers should consider adding ChatGPT instead.

Udemy, a well-known online learning platform, has compiled a Global Workplace Learning Index based on their analysis of their course consumption, aiming to identify the skills that businesses are most interested in.

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According to the index, ChatGPT emerged as the leading global tech skill sought after by businesses in the first quarter of 2023, experiencing a staggering 4,419% increase in topic consumption compared to the fourth quarter of 2022.


Other AI-focused skills like Azure Machine Learning (281%) and AI art generation (239%) also witnessed significant growth, securing positions among the top 10 global tech skills.

To compile this data, Udemy compared course consumption in their Udemy Business collection from the fourth quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023.

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"In today's era of rapid digital transformation, having a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT and other emerging AI technologies is crucial for quickly adapting," emphasized Diego Davila, Udemy Instructor, Entrepreneur & Social Media Innovator.

In the United States, ChatGPT topic consumption experienced an overall increase of 5,226%, highlighting the growing interest among businesses to learn more about this subject.

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