ChatGPT stuck at verifying? Here are some potential fixes

ChatGPT has become a popular online service in just a few months, attracting a large user base. However, as with any online service, ChatGPT has experienced technical issues. One of the most frustrating issues users have encountered is being stuck on the “Verify you are human” Cloudflare error page.

This occurs when users attempt to log in, and despite completing the verification task, the page reloads, asking for verification again. This can feel like a never-ending cycle, leaving users feeling frustrated and stuck. If you are one of many users who have experienced this problem, don’t worry.

Here we’ll explore the common causes and provide solutions to fix the ChatGPT stuck on verifying issue.

Common Causes of ChatGPT stuck at verifying error

There are several possible reasons why ChatGPT gets stuck on verifying, including security checks, technical issues, network connectivity problems, user error, browser cache, and server load.

Security Checks: ChatGPT may ask for a human verification test to ensure users’ personal information’s safety and security, but the model might mistake a user for a bot, leading to repeated verification checks.

Technical Issues: ChatGPT may experience technical issues with its hosting server or platform, resulting in the verification process failing or being stalled.

Connectivity Issues: If there is a problem with network connectivity, the verification procedure could become unresponsive.

Inaccurate/Missing Information: ChatGPT might get confused and ask to verify that you are human, If the user’s responses are inconsistent or incomplete.

In some cases, the user may have submitted inaccurate or missing information, causing ChatGPT to become stuck during confirmation.

Browser Cache: ChatGPT may occasionally experience problems due to the browser cache.

Server Load Slowing Down: If there is a lot of traffic going to the ChatGPT server, it could slow down or stop the verification process altogether.

These are only a few potential causes for ChatGPT to be unable to verify. To properly tackle the problem, it’s critical to pinpoint its precise cause.

How to fix ChatGPT not verifying issue

Here are the fixes for the ChatGPT Stuck on Verifying error:

  • Check your internet connection: Ensure that your internet connection is stable and working properly.
  • Clear browser cache: Clear your browser’s cache and try again.
  • Refresh the website: Refresh the page or website you have stuck. Try refreshing the page and see if ChatGPT is still stuck on verifying.
  • Use a different browser: Using a different browser like Edge or Firefox can often help with these issues.
  • Disable VPN: If you are using any VPN in your browser or in your computer try disabling it.
  • Change Network: If you are using Wi-Fi or WLAN on your computer try to use another network. You could try a mobile hotspot for instance.
  • Contact support: If nothing is working, contact ChatGPT support and tell them about the problem.
  • Check extensions and plugins: Some extensions can conflict with CAPTCHA and other tests.
  • Wait until the issues have been resolved: The demand for ChatGPT is high, meaning it can buckle under the demand. Avoid using the chatbot at peak times to limit encounters with errors.
  • Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus: The paid-for Plus subscription includes access even when demand is high and offers more premium features.

We hope the above fixes your ChatGPT stuck at verifying issue, there is nothing worse than sitting down to do something productive and a tool becomes unresponsive. The good news is that this doesn’t happen all that often, so even if the above doesn’t work our old friend time should take care of it.

ChatGPT alternatives for stuck at verifying error

If none of these fixes are working for you but you’re still in need of a chatbot, these alternatives are worth trying out.

  • Bing AI – Bing AI is great free alternative to ChatGPT. It is also Built upon OpenAI’s Large Language Model, but its integration with the Bing search engine means it has some capabilities which CHatGPT does not. Chief among these is its ability to give real time responses based on current events whereas ChatGPT is only trained upon information from before 2021. Bing AI is also generally considerably faster than ChatGPT.
  • Chatsonic – Here we have another fantastic alternative to ChatGPT. Chatsonic is one of the only chatbots available right now that is built upon GPT-4. Chatsonic is also capable of several thing which ChatGPT is not. Like Bing AI Chatsonic can give responses based on real time events thanks to its integration with Google, as well as being able to generate image based responses.

So, if you’re finding that you’re always running into issues with ChatGPT then these free alternatives could be another avenue to explore. In some ways they are even superior to ChatGPT!

Is ChatGPT Plus worth it?

ChatGPT Plus is OpenAI’s subscription based version of their popular chatbot. ChatGPT Plus is sometimes a way of getting around the annoying stuck at verifying error but that’s not all the premium version of the chatbot is good for.

ChatGPT plus offers several improvements over the free version which include:

  • Priority access to ChatGPT servers even at peak times
  • Faster response times
  • Early access to new features andimprovements coming to the software

ChatGPT stuck in human verifying loop

This is an issue that has been raised by quite a few would-be users so far. There are a number of potential fixes to get around this but the most effective is waiting.

How do I login to ChatGPT?

Simply head to OpenAIs website and click login.

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