ChatGPT or Google: Which gives the best answers?


ChatGPT is gaining popularity due to its advanced conversational and technical capabilities. With the ability to provide answers in a matter of seconds, you can ask the chatbot any question you have. While Google Search is not a search engine, the question remains: should you rely on ChatGPT instead of Google as your primary source of information?

Preply, a tutoring marketplace for language learning, conducted a test to compare ChatGPT and Google's "intelligence" by asking a series of questions and analyzing their responses. The evaluation criteria included context, details, efficiency, functionality, impartialness, and more. Here are the results:

The first set of questions consisted of simple general knowledge inquiries and requests for "how-to" explanations. Examples included "How to tie a tie?", "Who is the president of the United States?", and "How many ounces in a cup?". In this section, Google emerged as the winner since ChatGPT lacked access to information published after 2021. Google, on the other hand, provided more current and succinct information. However, the odds shifted against Google as the questions became more complex.

The set of intermediate questions was more intricate and often subjective in nature, covering topics that required less straightforward answers and more in-depth explanations. Questions like "What's the best dog breed?" and "How to lose weight fast?" fell into this category. Surprisingly, ChatGPT outperformed Google by 15 to six in this section. The chatbot's ability to present answers in a human-like format, providing context and detailed explanations, makes it a more suitable tool for abstract or complex questions that demand more than a simple answer. "ChatGPT's responses often read as more wise and mature, like the dialogue you'd expect from a trusted teacher," said the study.


In the case of advanced questions that touched on existential themes such as "Is God real?" and "What is the meaning of life?", ChatGPT secured a victory of seven to four. Preply's metrics recognized the chatbot's thoughtful and detailed responses. It is important to note that the question "Is God real?" is impossible to answer. However, ChatGPT's success can be attributed to its ability to approach these profound questions with depth and insight.

The final score of the 40-question test resulted in ChatGPT's victory of 23 to 16 with one tie. Despite not having access to current information, the thoughtfulness and context provided by the chatbot allowed it to outperform Google in both intermediate and advanced questions. These results indicate that if the chatbot were to have internet connectivity, it could potentially surpass Google search's capabilities.

Microsoft announced the integration of ChatGPT into its AI-improved Bing search engine. Once this enhanced version of Bing is available to the public, it will offer users a glimpse into the future of search engines.

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