GPT-4 Is Coming: A Look Into The Future Of AI

Although the inclusion of a video component in GPT-4 was not mentioned, it is worth noting that Altman expressed a strong emphasis on OpenAI's commitment to ensure the safety of the technology before its release.

Although the video component was not mentioned as a feature of GPT-4, an interesting aspect brought up by Altman was OpenAI's commitment to ensuring the safety of the release before making it available.

You can find the relevant part of the interview at the 4:37-minute mark:

The interviewer asked:

"Can you comment on whether GPT-4 is coming out in the first quarter, first half of the year?"

Sam Altman responded:

"It will be released once we are confident that it can be done safely and responsibly.

In general, we plan to release technology at a slower pace than people might desire.

We will take more time to thoroughly evaluate it.

Eventually, people will appreciate our cautious approach.

But for now, I understand the desire for the latest shiny toy, and I empathize with that."

There are rumors circulating on Twitter that are difficult to verify. One unconfirmed rumor suggests that GPT-4 will have 100 trillion parameters, a significant increase compared to GPT-3's 175 billion parameters.

This rumor was debunked by Sam Altman during an interview on the StrictlyVC program, where he also stated that OpenAI does not possess Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which would be the capability to learn anything a human can.

Altman remarked:

"I saw that on Twitter. It is complete nonsense.

The GPT rumor mill is rather absurd.

…People are setting themselves up for disappointment, and they will be disappointed.

…We don't have actual AGI, and I think that's what people expect from us. And yes, we are going to disappoint those people."

A Plethora of Rumors, Scant Facts

The only reliable information about GPT-4 is that OpenAI has been secretive, revealing very little to the public, and that OpenAI will release the product only when it is deemed safe.

Therefore, it is challenging to ascertain confidently what GPT-4 will encompass and what its capabilities will be.

However, technology writer Robert Scoble tweeted that GPT-4 will be a game-changer and disrupt the industry.

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