Creating a Resume Automation Website With ChatGPT in 10 Minutes

Resumes play a critical role in the job application process, but crafting them can prove tedious. Over time, I've received several requests from my close friends and family to assist them in creating their resumes. I realized that automating this process could solve their struggles perfectly. They often found it challenging to get the formatting right and lacked the necessary resources to create their resumes. This blog post will demonstrate how I implemented a solution using ChatGPT, Python and Streamlit, with a video example in conclusion.



Luckily, OpenAI released ChatGPT API this week. I retrieved my API key from Following this, I installed the necessary OpenAI and Streamlit Python packages and set my API key within my current terminal.

export OPENAI_API_KEY=sk-yourKeyGoesHere
python3 -m pip install openai streamlit

Once my development environment was set up, I began implementing the solution. Notably, Streamlit's exceptional capability to produce a web application with minimal coding was particularly impressive. The implementation merely requires an input box for the end user to specify their job title, a button to call the ChatGPT endpoint to generate a resume and a text area to present the response.

ChatGPT's Python API is relatively simple to implement. I asked it to 'Generate me a resume for a person who works as a X', where X is the job title the user entered, with the gpt-3.5-turbo model.

import openai
import streamlit as st
st.title('Resume Automator')
col_one, col_two = st.columns((2, 1))
with col_one:
job = st.text_input(
label='Job Title',
placeholder='Job Title',
with col_two:
generate = st.button('Generate')
if job or generate:
    response = openai.ChatCompletion.create(
'role': 'user',
'content': f'Generate me a resume for a person who works as a {job}',
    st.title(f'Resume for a {job.title()}')

Lastly, I executed the Streamlit run command to deploy the service locally.

python3 -m streamlit run cvgpt/


The Resume Automation service exhibited proficiency in generating multiple resumes across diverse career fields, including but not limited to English teaching and programmatic display management. Impressively, the system produced better outcomes when provided with more comprehensive input from the user, showcasing the impressive capabilities of GPT models. Moving forward, the natural progression for this solution would entail implementing an automated PDF generation capability for the resumes.

Thanks for reading 🙌.

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