Top 6 ChatGPT Writer Chrome Extensions

Writing is an essential aspect of our daily lives, whether it's composing emails, crafting blog posts, or sharing updates on social media. However, at times we encounter difficulties in expressing our thoughts or find ourselves lacking the inspiration to write. That's where ChatGPT Writer Extensions come to the rescue.

In this post, we will introduce you to six powerful ChatGPT Chrome extensions that can enhance your writing speed and efficiency. These extensions offer features designed to supercharge your writing process, allowing you to produce content more effectively.

1. ChatGPT Sidebar


Our top recommendation among the ChatGPT Writer Extensions is the ChatGPT Sidebar. This Chrome extension, based on ChatGPT technology, functions as a convenient sidebar that can assist you in writing or reading on any web page.

Even if you don't have a ChatGPT account, the ChatGPT Sidebar offers free credits for you to enjoy this useful tool. You can also opt to utilize the web API for free access. If you prefer a stable connection, you even have the option to use your own ChatGPT API key.

The ChatGPT Sidebar encompasses a range of tools and features that can significantly improve your writing, making it faster and more effortless:

  • Similar pages: Discover ten similar pages to the one you're currently viewing or to any link you paste. This way, you can gather additional references for your writing.
  • Grammar: Enhance your writing or correct any webpage to adhere to standard English.
  • Rewrite: Paraphrase text, paragraphs, or even entire articles.
  • Translate: Translate any content into English.
  • Custom prompt: Allow you to input prompts according to your specific needs and save them for future use.



AIPRM is a Chrome extension that offers ChatGPT Prompts tailored for SEO writing. It provides a selection of handpicked prompt templates specifically designed for SEOs. With just one click, you gain easy access to various options, including competitor article rewriting, keyword intent, clustering, link building, content generation, FAQs, and more!

3. OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail


OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail is a Chrome extension that utilizes ChatGPT to assist you in writing emails. It is free and seamlessly integrates with Gmail. This extension is designed to generate unlimited emails and messages using ChatGPT AI in a privacy-friendly manner.

It can analyze the context and provide subject lines, correct spelling errors, and more to help you complete your emails. Additionally, it supports all languages.

4. ChatGPT Writer


ChatGPT Writer is a powerful tool that enables you to quickly generate emails and messages. This extension seamlessly works on all websites, including Gmail, ensuring your privacy is protected throughout the process.

5. Magical


Magical is an AI-powered tool that automates repetitive tasks as you work. Powered by GPT4 technology, Magical is capable of writing messages, emails, and customer replies on your behalf from any website or application. You can save your frequently used messages as templates and instantly expand them with our free text expander.

6. YouTube Videos Summary Easy Copy with ChatGPTimage


The YouTube Videos Summary tool assists in generating transcripts and summaries of YouTube videos while avoiding political inquiries. This feature allows users to quickly access video content, saving time and enhancing learning efficiency. Utilizing artificial intelligence, ChatGPT can effectively reproduce information, and users can conveniently copy information from YouTube and pages.


ChatGPT Writer Extensions have the potential to greatly enhance your writing efficiency, whether you're a busy professional or a content creator. Give them a try and experience the difference they can make!

FAQs About ChatGPT writer chrome extension

1. Can ChatGPT be used for writing emails?

Absolutely! With OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail, you can harness the power of ChatGPT to write emails with increased speed and efficiency. Alternatively, you can also utilize ChatGPT itself to compose emails by applying a suitable prompt.

2. How can I integrate ChatGPT in Gmail?

To integrate ChatGPT with Gmail, simply install a Chrome extension like OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail. Once installed, you can employ ChatGPT to generate responses for your emails.

3. What are the alternative Chrome extensions to ChatGPT?

While there are several alternative Chrome extensions for writing, none of them matches the AI capabilities of ChatGPT. Some popular alternatives include Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and Hemingway Editor.

4. Do businesses utilize ChatGPT?

Absolutely! Businesses can leverage ChatGPT to improve their content marketing strategies. With AIPRM, businesses can generate high-quality content ideas that attract more customers and enhance their search engine rankings.

5. What are people doing with ChatGPT?

People are utilizing ChatGPT for various writing tasks, including blog posts, social media updates, emails, and even entire books. ChatGPT can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing writer's block or lacking inspiration.

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