New ChatGPT Plugins Enable Internet Browsing And Other Features

The Retrieval Plugin allows you to enhance ChatGPT's memory capabilities!

— Isabella Fulford (@isafulf) March 26, 2023

By leveraging these technologies, ChatGPT is able to provide carefully curated knowledge and data, as well as conduct complex computations. Furthermore, Wolfram offers real-time data updates and tailor-made visualizations.

The combination of these technologies enables ChatGPT to provide curated knowledge and data, as well as perform complex computations. Additionally, Wolfram offers real-time data and customizable visualizations.

Discover how you can create matrices using the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin.

Watch as ChatGPT uses the Wolfram plugin to generate a 3x3 matrix with increasing prime values in its rows and then calculates the inverse of the matrix. Check out the video here:

— Wolfram (@WolframResearch) March 30, 2023

15. Zapier

The Zapier ChatGPT plugin allows users to seamlessly connect with over 5,000 apps such as Google Sheets, Gmail, and Slack, directly within ChatGPT's interface.

This new beta product enables you to automate tasks directly within ChatGPT's interface, saving you time and the hassle of switching contexts.

Users can ask ChatGPT to perform tasks in other apps, such as finding and updating contacts in a CRM, adding rows to a spreadsheet, and sending them as a message in Slack.


Unlike other ChatGPT plugins, Zapier plugins may have a steeper learning curve. You will need to invest time in understanding how different Zapier functions integrate with ChatGPT.

Upcoming ChatGPT Plugins

Marketers and content creators can look forward to the upcoming batch of ChatGPT plugins by ChatSonic, which will heavily emphasize SEO, blog writing, marketing copy, and AI content detection.

Let's explore what to expect from the soon-to-be-launched ChatGPT plugins.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research ChatGPT plugin simplifies the process of finding the right keywords and identifying primary and secondary keywords crucial for ranking on Google.

Instead of using multiple SEO tools, you can enter a blog URL or a base keyword to generate a list of potential keywords with search volume and keyword difficulty. This ChatGPT plugin by ChatSonic also provides relevant secondary keywords to enhance SEO rankings for specific keywords. With the Keyword Research ChatGPT plugin, you can streamline your keyword research and create optimized content effortlessly.

AI Article Generation

If you are already a Writesonic user, you are familiar with the benefits of the AI article writer 4.0. Now, you can access the article writer capabilities directly within the ChatSonic chat using the AI article generation ChatGPT plugin.

With the AI article generation ChatGPT plugin by ChatSonic, you can quickly generate and publish content.

AI Content Detection

As the use of AI for content generation grows, there is a risk of producing low-quality, thin content that lacks value and fails to meet readers' needs. However, you can avoid the hassle of reviewing such content by using the AI content detection ChatGPT plugin from ChatSonic, which helps you quickly identify thin AI-generated content.

💥ChatSonic, the ultimate ChatGPT alternative, is releasing these ChatGPT plugins very soon to elevate your AI-powered content creation.

ChatGPT plugins are a fantastic way to enhance your AI chat experience by expanding functionality and capabilities. They can help overcome some of ChatGPT's current limitations and make it an even more valuable tool.

ChatSonic, the best ChatGPT alternative, is also introducing its own ChatGPT plugins, which will primarily focus on keyword research, AI article generation, and AI content detection.

In addition to ChatGPT Plugins, ChatSonic offers an array of amazing features such as the ChatSonic Chrome extension, ChatSonic mobile app, AI image generator, and more.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your ChatGPT experience to the next level. Sign up for ChatSonic today!

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