How to use the Chatsonic Chrome Extension to write tweets?


Are you tired of struggling to write the perfect tweet that can go viral?

Stop spending hours researching tweet ideas when ChatGPT is here. You might have heard much about ChatGPT online in the past few weeks. But what exactly is it?

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a cutting-edge language model that can generate human-like text. It's been trained on a massive text dataset, making it capable of understanding and responding to various topics. This makes it a valuable tool for writing creative and engaging text, such as tweets.

Explore other use cases of ChatGPT.

The idea of having that weight lifted off your shoulders is certainly appealing, but ChatGPT comes with some serious limitations, like,

  • The tweets generated by ChatGPT may contain biases as it is trained on a large dataset that may be biased.
  • ChatGPT might give outdated replies as it cannot browse the internet in real-time and is limited to information before 2021.

Don't be disappointed!

ChatGPT's limitations don't have to be a dead end.

Meet ChatSonic, a tool like ChatGPT but with superpowers for real-time factual and relevant content built by Writesonic. See how Chatsonic makes the content creation process easier.

Chatsonic has developed a chrome extension,’ which makes tweet generation a breeze.

In addition to crafting viral tweets, the ChatSonic Chrome extension has many other capabilities.

Explore the best chatGPT chrome extensions and their use cases.

How to use the Chatsonic Chrome Extension to write tweets

Add Chatsonic - ChatGPT with super powers Chrome Extension to the browser

Step 1: Go to the Google Chrome web extensions store and search for ‘Chatsonic

Step 2: You will see a result for "ChatSonic - ChatGPT with superpowers" click on it, and then click on the "Add to Chrome" button

Step 3: Once the extension is added, click on the extension icon on the extreme right of the URL bar to access all the extensions installed on your chrome browser.

Step 4: Find the ChatSonic extension, and click on the pin icon beside it to pin it to the URL bar. This will make it easier to access the extension in the future.

Step 5: Once the extension is pinned to the URL bar, you can click on the icon to access the extension and start using the feature.

💡Note: You may need to refresh the page if the extension icon does not appear immediately.

Write Tweets using Chatsonic - ChatGPT with super powers Chrome Extension

Once the Chatsonic Chrome Extension is installed, it’s time to write tweets.

Step 6: Go to Twitter and log in to your account.

Step 7: Once logged in, you'll see a ChatSonic icon on the bottom left of the screen. Click on it, or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+M or Ctrl+M.

Step 8: A prompt will appear asking you to log in to ChatSonic. If you don't have a Chatsonic account, you can create one for free.

Step 9: After logging in to Chatsonic, a small pop-up window will appear.

Step 10: In the pop-up window, you can ask ChatSonic to write a tweet on any topic. For example, in this case, we ask it to write a tweet on ‘ChatSonic chrome extension’, and then click on the magic icon to generate the tweet.

Step 11: You also can enable "Include latest google data" if you are tweeting about any latest trends or news.

Let’s try asking Chatsonic to generate a tweet on the latest updates of ChatGPT by OpenAI.

Step 12: Once the tweet is generated, copy it by clicking on the icon and then paste the text.

Step 13: If everything looks good, hit the "Tweet" button to publish the tweet.

How to respond to Tweets using Chatsonic - ChatGPT with superpowers Chrome Extension?

Just creating tweets is not going to help you grow on Twitter. You need to engage with other tweets as well. How can you do that?

Start by identifying the trending and popular tweets. Use Chatsonic Chrome Extension to generate replies to these tweets. Let’s see how this can be done.

Step 1: Select the text in the tweet you want to reply to.

Step 2: Click the ChatSonic icon on the bottom left or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+M or Ctrl+M. The selected text will automatically populate in ChatSonic.

Step 3: Ask ChatSonic to write a reply for that tweet by providing a prompt or topic. You can also add your own perspective to the reply in 2-3 words to generate a more effective and human-like response.

Step 4: Review the generated text and make necessary edits or changes.

Step 5: Once satisfied with the reply, click on the "Copy" icon to copy the text.

Step 6: Go back to the tweet you want to reply and paste the text in the "Reply" section.

Step 7: Preview the reply by clicking on the "Reply" button, and make sure that the text, hashtags, and mentions are all correct.

Step 8: If everything looks good, hit the "Reply" button to send the reply.

Step 9: You can now check your Twitter account to see that the reply has been sent successfully.

💡Note: Remember that you can also use the "Include latest google data" option when generating the reply to include the relevant and latest information on the topic. This will make your reply more engaging and informative.

You can also use ChatSonic Twitter bot to respond to a tweet automatically. All you need to do is tag @ChatsonicAI in your tweet reply, and Chatsonic will give a response that looks something like this.

Well, besides just writing a tweet, getting tweet ideas, or responding with the ChatSonic Twitter bot - this amazing Chatsonic Chrome extension can do 1000s of other things.

How to summarize Twitter threads with ChatSonic Chrome Extension?

No time to read long Twitter threads, but do not won't to feel left out? The ChatSonic chrome extension can now summarize Twitter threads or long tweets in a flash.

Step 1: You can find the “Summarize this thread” option just below the first tweet.

Step 2: After clicking the button, ChatSonic's Chrome extension generates a brief summary of the entire thread within seconds, eliminating the need to open the thread.

Additionally, select "Reply to this Thread," and ChatSonic will formulate a suitable response for you.

ChatGPT Prompts for Twitter

ChatGPT’s performance and ability to generate meaningful and coherent responses depend on the quality and relevance of the input prompts it receives.

When a user provides a clear and well-defined prompt, ChatGPT online can understand the context and generate a response that is relevant and on-topic. However, if provided with a vague prompt, ChatGPT may find it difficult to understand the context and generate irrelevant responses.

Here are a few ChatGPT prompts for Twitter to help you generate engaging tweets. We have used these prompts with our ChatGPT Chrome Extension - Chatsonic. You can also have a look at ChatGPT prompts for SEO to come up with rankable content.

I've got a few Chatsonic prompts that are perfect for Twitter and will help you generate engaging tweets.

And the best part is, We've already used these prompts with our ChatGPT Chrome Extension - Chatsonic, and they worked perfectly.

  1. Write a tweet on how social media marketing can be optimized with AI. Give some unique and uncommon pointers.

2. Write a Twitter thread on the best use cases of AI writing tools in 2023.

3. Give a controversial opinion on ‘Will we lose our jobs to AI?’

4. Tweet about marketing trends in Gary V style

Additionally, the ChatSonic chrome extension is now natively integrated with LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Ads, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and WhatsAppWeb, making it easier to write on these platforms.

Want to know more about the superpowers of the ChatSonic chrome extension? Check these out below 👇

  • Create outreach campaigns and drip sequences as ChatSonic is now enabled with Kula-like capabilities. Find email ids and write engaging emails in a flash🤝.
  • Forget about the old-fashioned way of using Cmd+F to find information from webpages. Say hello to ChatSonic - the ultimate search genie that can fetch you the answers you need straight from the page 🔎.
  • And if that's not enough, ChatSonic can also pinpoint the exact moment you're looking for in a YouTube video.
  • Make your LinkedIn profile super optimized by using the ChatSonic chrome extension to write eye-catchy bios and impressive achievements 😀.

The best part is, ChatSonic is not just limited to Chrome. You can now use it on other popular browsers like Opera, Edge, and Firefox.

How to grow on Twitter using Chatsonic Chrome Extension

Growing on Twitter is no cakewalk. It's not just about tweeting, you have to stay on top of current trends, hashtags, and industry news to create interesting content. Chatsonic Chrome Extension makes this easy for you.

How? Let’s see now!

  • Staying consistent with your content on Twitter is key to seeing results, but it can be difficult to come up with new ideas. With Chatsonic - ChatGPT with superpowers Chrome Extension, creating engaging tweets is a breeze. All you have to do is give it an idea of the kind of tweet you want, and it will generate one for you in seconds.
  • Want to boost engagement on your Twitter polls? Let Chatsonic Chrome Extension help you generate thought-provoking and interesting poll questions that align with your audience's interests.
  • Network and build relationships with industry leaders by sending personalized messages at scale using the power of Chatsonic Chrome Extension.
  • Elevate your visual content on Twitter by using Chatsonic Chrome Extension to generate engaging and relevant captions. The best part is you can also create AI images for your tweet using ChatSonic.
  • Tweet about the latest trends and updates in your industry using the ‘include google data’ feature on Chatsonic Chrome Extension.
  • Turn your thoughts into different quotes with Chatsonic Chrome Extension. Just input your thoughts, and it will generate a quote for you in no time.
  • Double down on tweet replies by just selecting the tweet. Let the Chrome Extension write the reply for you. This will cut down the time you spend thinking about how to reply.
  • You can create and translate your content in over 25+ languages with Chatsonic Chrome Extension. Language is no more a barrier to grow your following across the globe with Chatsonic.

Imagine the possibilities of earning money through digital art created using ChatGPT. Discover over 20+ ways to make money using ChatGPT.

Learn how to use ChatGPT for Job Search and land a high-paying job.

How is Chatsonic - ChatGPT with superpowers Chrome Extension better than TweetGPT?

TweetGPT is a chrome extension that generates tweets and replies using chatGPT. It uses ChatGPT by OpenAI as a source to generate tweet content.

If you are looking for a more efficient way to generate tweets and replies, look no further. Chatsonic Chrome Extension overcomes the limitations of TweetGPT, making it a powerful chrome extension for social media management.

  • TweetGPT can generate only Twitter replies and cannot generate original tweets effectively. TweetGPT has a set of tweet types (basically the tone of the tweets) to select.

For example, if you select ‘Optimistic’, it generates a tweet on Optimism. You cannot generate tweets on your preferred topics like marketing, sleep, meditation, etc.

With Chatsonic, you can generate original tweets on your desired topics in seconds.

  • You cannot add perspective to your replies with TweetGPT, as you can only choose the tweet's tone. So the content is not in your control. Whereas with Chatsonic, you can brief the kind of reply you are looking for, and it will generate accordingly.
  • TweetGPT takes longer to respond once initiated, while Chatsonic is quick as a spark.
  • You cannot trust TweetGPT regarding real-time and factual content as it is connected and sourced from ChatGPT, which is only updated with information before 2022. But Chatsonic is connected with real-time Google data. So, you can completely rely on Chatsonic.
  • Moreover, with the recent incidents of ChatGPT being down or at capacity, TweetGPT also experienced downtime as it entirely depends on ChatGPT for sourcing content. However, the ChatSonic chrome extension is connected to ChatSonic, which is integrated with real-time Google data, reducing the likelihood of ChatSonic not working.

Start Tweeting….

Stop wasting time on long hours of research and drafting the perfect tweet. With Chatsonic - ChatGPT with superpowers Chrome Extension, you can actively create Twitter content by spending a few minutes every day.

It generates engaging tweets and replies on your command by sourcing real-time and the latest Google data.

Take the leap and sign up for ChatSonic for free. Start tweeting with ease!

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is ChatGPT Twitter bot - ChatSonic?

ChatSonic Twitter Bot is a personal AI chatbox for Twitter users. By tagging @ChatSonicAI in a tweet, users can receive instant answers to their questions within seconds. This tool can engage followers, provide real-time customer service, and enhance social media presence. Give it a try to see how it can benefit your Twitter community!

2. How to use ChatGPT chrome extension - ChatSonic to write tweets?

Download the Chatsonic chrome extension from the Google web store. Use ‘Ctrl/ Cmd + M’ to enable Chatsonic on Twitter and let the ChatGPT chrome extension write tweets for you.

Additionally, you can use ChatSonic, powered by ChatGPT for Gmail too.

3. Is ChatSonic better than ChatGPT?

ChatSonic is a great option for a more updated data-generating tool. Unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic offers a range of additional features such as voice search, persona types, voice response, and better API support. Additionally, ChatSonic can also generate digital artwork, create posts for social media, generate summaries, and generate content with images. Furthermore, it remembers past conversations and suggests topics based on user preferences, making it a great alternative to ChatGPT. And the best part, you can try ChatSonic AI - ChatGPT app for android.

4. What are the other ChatGPT chrome extensions for Twitter?

TweetGPT is a chrome extension based on ChatGPT data that can help write and reply to tweets. But it cannot generate original tweets on desired topics of the users. Moreover, it cannot generate the latest updates and real-time content. Unlike TweetGPT, the ChatSonic chrome extension, which works on updated Google data, generates factual content on desired topics.

5. Is the ChatGPT Chrome Extension - ChatSonic free to use?

Yes, you can use the ChatSonic Chrome Extension for free by signing up for a free trial on Writesonic. You will receive 100 free generations every month. You can upgrade to a premium long-form plan if you want more generations.

6. Is there a ChatGPT API by ChatSonic?

Yes, ChatSonic offers a ChatGPT API which can be easily integrated with your apps or websites. With this API, you can give your users access to ChatGPT's features and ChatSonic's additional features on your online platforms.

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