Cat GPT|A Feline Chatbot That Responds to All Questions With Meows

With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly prominent role in our daily lives. AI chatbots like ChatGPT have gained popularity for their ability to simulate human-like conversations. However, for those who adore cats, there is now a new AI chatbot in town - Cat GPT.

What is Cat GPT?

Powered by OpenAI and designed to resemble ChatGPT's interface, CatGPT is a feline chatbot dedicated to all things cats. While it may not be capable of passing exams, it has plenty to say. Ask it any question, and CatGPT will provide amusing answers accompanied by a cat gif and a stream of "meows".


CatGPT provides more than just a personalized chatbot experience. It also offers delightful features like cat GIFs, showcasing the versatility of AI beyond its practical applications. While chatbots are often utilized for business and research purposes, CatGPT demonstrates that they can also be sources of entertainment. Moreover, CatGPT allows users to donate to the Humane Society, contributing to the support of real-life animals in need. This adds a charitable aspect to the unique chatbot experience.

A video posted by TikTok user "lonebody" about accidentally discovering the existence of this chatbot, after mistyping "ChatGPT" as "CatGPT", has gone viral on the platform, spreading the word about CatGPT.


Who created Cat GPT?

Cat GPT was created by Dutch data journalist Wouter van Dijke. Being a self-proclaimed "Twitter bot enthusiast", he recognized the incredible content that OpenAI's ChatGPT could generate and wondered what it would be like if the AI chatbot were instead a cat.

Expressing his desire for a feline version of ChatGPT on his GitHub, he described ChatGPT as dull and expressed his longing for a cat to be the one answering his questions. With this vision in mind, Wouter embarked on building CatGPT — a chatbot combining ChatGPT's impressive AI capabilities with the adorable and playful personality of a cat.

How to use Cat GPT?

Cat GPT has a user-friendly interface similar to ChatGPT, making it easy to navigate for existing ChatGPT users. Follow the steps below to begin your Cat GPT experience:

Step 1: Visit the site

Step 2: If it's your first time using Cat GPT, create an account. Otherwise, simply log in.

Step 3: Choose the chat model: GPT-Meow or GPT-FURR. The former answers all your questions with meows and a GIF, while the latter generates real AI responses in addition to cat GIFs.


Step 4: Type your question or request in the search box and click "Enter" to chat with CatGPT. To start a new conversation, simply click on the New Cat button.



If you're a cat lover seeking a fun and unique way to connect with your feline friends, Cat GPT AI is definitely worth exploring. With its advanced NLP algorithms and personalized approach to feline communication, Cat GPT provides a distinctive chatbot experience that is sure to bring you joy.

FAQs about Cat GPT AI

1. Is Cat GPT AI free?

Yes, Cat GPT AI is currently available for free.

2. Should you use Cat GPT?

Whether or not you should use Cat GPT AI depends on your preferences as a cat owner. If you're looking for a fun and unique way to connect with your feline friends, then Cat GPT AI is worth checking out.

3. Is Cat GPT safe to use?

Yes, Cat GPT is safe to use. The chatbot is powered by OpenAI, a reputable research organization dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence.

4. What can you do with ChatGPT?

Although ChatGPT is not specifically designed for cat lovers, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from answering trivia questions to providing emotional support. With its advanced NLP algorithms and ability to learn from user interactions, ChatGPT offers a versatile chatbot experience limited only by your imagination.

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