Did Google meet the ChatGPT challenge at I/O 2023? ZDNET editors debate

Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, showcased their latest software and product releases. This year, AI took center stage, marking a significant shift compared to previous conferences.

To provide insights on the announcements, Contributing Editor Dan Patterson engaged in a discussion with ZDNET's Editor in Chief Jason Hiner, hardware expert Kerry Wan, and AI specialist Sabrina Ortiz.

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Google's intensified focus on AI arises from the tremendous success of AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Bing Chat in recent months. Additionally, Google's pursuit of a worthy alternative to Bard, which hasn't been as successful, has propelled the company's AI endeavors.

Alongside hardware announcements—featuring the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, and the Pixel Tablet—Google revealed multiple AI-related updates. These include the introduction of PaLM 2 (Google's new large language model to rival GPT-4), enhancements to Bard, and the launch of a new AI-powered search engine.

While these announcements demonstrate innovation, the ZDNET editors pondered whether they are sufficient to maintain Google's edge over competitors. Beyond evaluating the success of each major release, the conversation explored the viability of Google's AI emphasis within their business model and the potential implications for consumers.

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As Hiner highlighted in the YouTube discussion, Google faces the classic innovator's dilemma. The company's revenue stems primarily from traditional search and ads displayed in search results. A notable shift towards chatbots could potentially impact this revenue stream significantly.

Can Google successfully navigate this classic challenge? Did the event fulfill expectations or fall short? These questions, among others, took center stage during the enlightening conversation.

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