125 ChatGPT Plugins And Web Browsing Beta Rollout For Plus Users

  1. ABC Music Notation Plugin – This extension is designed to convert ABC music notation into wav, midi, and postscript files.
  2. ABCmouse – This platform delivers entertaining and educational activities suitable for kids between the ages of 2 and 8.
  3. Abridged Due Diligence – Unearth the specifics! Browse the latest SEC filings and delve into more detailed analyses via the provided links.
  4. Access Link – Traverse the web’s hyperlinks to obtain the data you require.
  5. AI Tool Hunt – Discover the perfect AI applications tailored for diverse use cases from an exhaustive international database.
  6. AITickerChat – Acquire insights into USA stocks by pulling data from SEC filings and Earnings Call Transcripts.
  7. Algorithma – Navigate your digital existence in this engaging life simulator game. Initiate with the command /start.
  8. Ambition – Explore an extensive selection of job opportunities in your vicinity.
  9. Ask MFM – Engage the hosts of My First Million with queries on business, technology, entrepreneurship, and more.
  10. AskYourPDF – Harness your PDFs’ potential; delve into your documents, unearth answers, and bring essential information to your command.
  11. BizToc – Explore BizToc for the latest in business and finance news.
  12. BlockAtlas – Navigate the US Census! Access data sets, raise queries, and create visualizations.
  13. Bohita – Design your own clothes using any image you can articulate! Enjoy doorstep delivery of your creation.
  14. Boolio – Simplify your global stock value analysis through powerful quantitative factor methodologies.
  15. Bramework – Discover keywords, generate content outlines, conduct SEO evaluations, and harvest SEO insights.
  16. BuyWisely – Compare prices and discover the latest deals from a vast range of online stores in Australia.
  17. C3 Glide – Acquire real-time flight data for aviation professionals. Seek answers

    Activating ChatGPT Plugins

    How to Enable ChatGPT Plugins

    Even with the wide selection of plugins available, you can only enable up to three for each chat session.


    Testing the Performance of ChatGPT Plugins

    As someone who has been exploring ways to utilize AI for PDF analysis, I was excited to try out a PDF plugin. Unfortunately, it still requires some refining.


    The Zillow plugin managed to identify properties that were highly likely to meet my requirements, even though it couldn't find an exact match.


    This clearly demonstrates the potential of ChatGPT plugins to revolutionize various aspects of online activities.

    Key Stages for Introducing New Features

    Aside from the release notes, OpenAI has recently provided insights into the key stages involved in rolling out new features for ChatGPT.

    The first stage involves a select group of users testing the new features (alpha), followed by a second stage where ChatGPT Plus users who have opted in can try out the new features (beta). The process concludes with a general release.

    The alpha and beta stages allow OpenAI to gather valuable user feedback, improve the overall user experience, enhance system stability, and ensure high-quality standards before the features are made available to everyone.

    As an alpha or beta stage user, you have the power to shape the effectiveness and accuracy of these new features by providing feedback through the available options.

    Developing ChatGPT Plugins

    For developers interested in creating ChatGPT plugins, you can join the plugins waitlist.

    Once approved, the OpenAI documentation will walk you through the process of building plugins similar to those used by Instacart, Expedia, KAYAK, and other popular brands.

    Competition for AI Dominance Among Tech Giants

    The release of the latest version of ChatGPT by OpenAI comes in the wake of Google's global expansion of Bard and Microsoft's announcement of the next generation of Bing AI features.

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